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CW| Natalie |Obj. 5 |  The Meeting by DancingOrbi CW| Natalie |Obj. 5 |  The Meeting by DancingOrbi

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I will add the story in later but this is part 2 of my objective images. I did have this one done original first but I didn't like the background so after redoing that background a few times I for something I liked better. The story will come after I finish the last picture


    The tense that echoed from her group flowed over Natalie making her own body tense, though she was able to relax her body some when Amblyn joined her at the front. However, this did not last when hears caught the sound of one of her team member the young mare Venus. Twitching her ear back when Amblyn called out she knew this wasn't good. It was dangerous for Venus to be out there on her own and Natalie herself couldn't go and track her down. No matter how much she wanted to she need to stay where she was for it was best to stay together. Knocked from her thoughts by the sound of the filly's greeting back to her. Natalie's came forward as she looked at the filly she was polite but defiantly a little restless to just come running up to them like this but she didn't drawl on this for as soon as she went to respond to the filly the golden stallion with marvelous white markings, placed himself at the front. Marbled eyes of mostly pale green looked up locking on the stallion. Sweet words in deed they were. Words like those were not to be trust that was one thing she brought out from her young life of traveling everywhere with her parents. Listening to the mistrust of each of her members she knew they didn't trust the stallion's words either so when the dark mare spoke out in defense of the stallion tension fled Natalie's body. Not to say she fully trusted the mare but just by looking at her Natalie could see her words rang true. Natalie's respect for the other mare grew when she bowed her head to them. They were here to help and they surely need so to pass it up would be simply stupid. Closing her eyes for a moment she cleared her mind of the bad for she would give this small group a chance. "I believe the words you tell me to be true. It is clear you truly wish to help us in our task and I must thank you for that however, that doesn't mean I trust you fully." Natalie said with a smile speaking to the mare first before she moved her eyes back to the stallion who now that she got a chance to actually see him clearly he was quite handsome but that didn't mean she was about to let his looks fool her. "I will personally be keeping my eye on you." She told softly to him before speaking to all of his group. "My name is Natalie and what might your names all be?"  Natalie asked them. As soon as introduces are done Natalie wanted nothing more then to get someone to check on Venus.

Amblyn (C) ArcanaMajor
Rose (C) KinaRain
D'Angelo (C) raveniice
Art & character (C) me
ArcanaMajor Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015
Lmao, look at Amblyn's grumpy face! She is so not pleased with the situation. XD Bless. This is lovely! Thanks so much for including her, she looks great!

(Sorry for the late response. I was gone all week!)
DancingOrbi Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you I'm glad you like it 

(its okay ) ^_^
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