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Casp RPG | Piper Heranor by DancingOrbi Casp RPG | Piper Heranor by DancingOrbi
New Update 9.25.2015|Updated placed her on the new reference sheet.

Finally I got this girls reference done and up. I Adopted her from :iconlilafly: a while back but never got around to getting her ref done but here she is anyways.

General Information

Name: Piper Heranor
Prefered Name: Piper
Nickname: none
Age: 350 years (mentally 24 human years) Immortal
Zodiac: Scorpio
Species: Fae Equine 
Breed: Unknown
Gender: Mare
Heigh: 15.1 hh
Orientation: heterosexual

Mother: Merianna
Father: Adrik
Siblings: Too many to list
Offspring: None
Mate/Crush: None

Location: Murena | Wanders often
Rank: -------
Occupation: -------

Magic kind: Darkness Symbol by Mereldia-Keepers Darkness & Light Symbol by Mereldia-Keepers Light [*note: She never uses the light magic alone it is always mixed with darkness]
Magic: Shadow Manipulation | By dabbing into a bit of both of her parents elements she has learned to control the movements of the shadows allowing her make them solid in order to grab or create a weapon out of it. She can even melt into the shadows to hide herself so that she can observe others. Her shadows do become much weaker in extremely bright places were no shadows can be cased.
Magic level: ---------


[  Creative | Elegant | Odd | Two-Faced | Patient | Complex | Cold | Crafty ]

Piper's mind while twisted is very good at coming up with strange things, plans, or even ideas. There is no way of really knowing just which way around things her mind with pick but for her things are never straight or curved. They are always zig zaging and looping.

Upon first glance she is seen as beautiful and enchanting. From the way she walks to the soft way she may talk to you or even how she holds herself. This is how she hides her nature from the prying eyes of others and her family. 

Odd is right. Piper is very different if not like her other siblings however she has this strange fascination with mortals, expressly the Caspanas. For she finds them quite interesting and very much wants to study them like lab rats. Of course she finds no pleasure in harming mortals but that doesn't stop her from do so when told too. For her reading about them is just not enough for she wants to be physically there and to see with her own eyes. On the religious side of things Piper really has no say in what she believes however she finds the of the religion in which her elder sister Abigail believes in to be quite interesting indeed. 

Piper is seen most often like her sibling with a dark way of thinking and always doing as told(most of the time). She prides herself on fooling her sibling and even her father. For with them her personality seems to be just where it should be. However, under the surface closed away out of the view of their prying eyes. She is far from their ideals. She sees things little different. For she doesn't hate the light magic she bares from her mother or locks it away she embraces it allowing it to mix with the dark to create her shadows. With this second nature of hers she is a little more happy and far more intelligent.
Minutes, hours, days, months, years you name it she is more the happy to wait. Watching the world pass by and the actions of what others do. Piper is more then just a watcher though this patience of hers plays into nearly everything she does. Taking her sweet time to enjoy somethings. This is how she like to spend the hours of the days. It is very rarely worn out but if it ever does its best to stay clear of her for one never really know just how she will react.
Piper's way of thinking and her actions can be hard to figure out. For she is almost always thinking which can be very bad on your part if you piss her off. It best to not even try to understand what is going through her mind when she become silent. For what you might find there may frighten you.

Oh when she is among her family she can sound all nice happy like she wouldn't hurt any of them but laced within her voice and tone is an icy chill. She isn't very fawned of her family all but Abigail that is.  She tins to be very cold and distance with nearly all of them never really willing to help any of them out of the trouble they my have caused themselves.

Taking nearly nothing and making into something useful. Piper has this way with junk and making lovely things from it. Oh but that's not all her way of thinking tins to bring in laces of things into her plans.


Merianna: "My darling mother. I enjoy speaking with her though I do not understand why my siblings are so disrespectful of her. After all she is the one who gave birth to us."

Adrik: "My father.......I do not have much to say about him for I do not really speak to him."

Abigail: "My older sister who I out of all my sibling is the most interesting. I have great respect for her and even wish to learn from her. I get along best with her and she about the only one of my family I can stand or even like at all. Oh and have mentioned just how lovely she is? Well, she quite lovely and that beautiful long hair of hers is to die for. Oh dear I seem to have gotten off track. Anyways she is by far my favorite sister."

Other siblings: "Lets not go into this for I really have nothing nice to say about most of my siblings after all one of them betrayed me............"

More will be added as she meets people


Born and raised like any other Heranor child, Piper study and trained in the dark magic and took in the goals of the family to heart not knowing any better. That was until she came to stumble upon a group of mortals as a filly. She had been watching them from afar when she tripped trying to get a better look. She ended up sliding down the hill and into the camp. The group was friendly and even kind to her which she became confused about. After spending what seemed like hours she began to become fascinated with them. This was only the beginning of her turning personality. Where most of her siblings were cruel to mortals Piper had a kinder side for them but that didn't keep her from kidnapping or even killing them when asked to. She placed a front up to keep her family from her inner true personality or the things did when they weren't looking. 

    When it came to fearing Abigail Piper was not of course her magic scared her but her respect and interest in her elder sister over powered her fear. She very much likes Abigail and the way she speaks. She about the only one Piper really gets along with for the most part. She does go to speak with mother often but it is only when she is sure no one else is around. Piper at the age of 150 had been accused by one of her siblings of favoring mortals. Piper being the Crafty young mare she was proved herself innocent. Killing several Mortals before her family's watchful eyes. She wiped away any doubt they had of her. She had developed herself a magic that was both light and dark, Shadows. Fore a shadow couldn't be cast without the light.

Design (C) Lilafly
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