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EM| Ariona | South Herd by DancingOrbi EM| Ariona | South Herd by DancingOrbi

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Name: Ariona
Name Meaning: Most Holy 
Nickname(s): Bells, 
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual 
Gender: Female
Height: 15.2 Hands
 Welsh X Appaloosa X Mustang
Coat: Red roan blanket Appaloosa
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Herd: South Herd

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"I'm not completely blind for I can see you just fine."
/| Outgoing |\ "You have such a beautiful face."
Ariona is extremely friendly and is known to walk straight up to any horse/human. More so she has no problem stepping into your personal space. She is always happy to talk with anyone willing to spend some time with her. Ariona does tent to make friends easily but she is also known to make enemy to as easily.

/| Fragile/Sickly |\ "I'm sorry to be a bother."
Along with her blindness she was gifted with a body that is weak and often gets sick. Even though she will hides this very well with a fake smile. She still finds herself as a burden when she gets these episodes. She hates just how weak her body is and most of the time feels trapped in her own body.

/| Sensitive |\ "Oh a new butterfly"
Because of her blindness Ariona has very sharp earring meaning even if she doesn't mean to ear something her ears are known to pick up all the conversations. Also her ears can pick up the slightly sound like that of a butterflies wings. She is quiet sensitive to when others yell to the point it can actually upset her.

/| Fiery |\ "Now thats enough of that!"
Even though she is weak and hates yelling she is known do some of her own if someone speaks ill of her loved ones. She will place herself in danger and even place herself in the middle of an argument if she believes one is in the wrong.

/| Clever |\ "Ah that might just work."
Ariona has learned ways of making up for her blindness by counting her strides with the chime of her bells. She also can pick out colors or even marks from the fuzzy world if she has gotten a close look at the horse/human. She can come up with ways to get around things and plans things quite well.

Weaknesses/Strengths: She isn't completely blind she cane see clearly if she very close to someone other wise the world if very fuzzy with no real shape. Her body is weak making it easy for her to get sick. However even though she is blind she is sharp and moved around just like any other horse.

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 Lilith X Aron
Sibling(s): Liam 

Relationship Status: Single
Love Interest: None
Offspring: None

<da:thumb id="457655489">Connections<da:thumb id="457655529">

Liam: "My younger twin brother who thinks he is the older sibling. I love him to death and we had always been close but he believes different things then me. He wants me to stay safe in a place that is familiar while I want to see the world. I miss him dearly but I stand by my chose."
Name: a

<da:thumb id="457655489">History & Notes<da:thumb id="457655529">

-Because of her natural calm and still nature butterflies often land on her or flutter about her as if guiding her foot fall.
-She adores butterflies and is very fascinated with them.
-Ariona is near sited which means she can only see clearly when someone is very close which is why is always eager to really close to another horse/human.

-The scars on her front legs are from run into things and falling down when she was younger.
-The bells around her legs are there to help her count her stride for when she is runs or trots so that she doesn't have to look at the ground as much.

Might add in history later

Coat original design (c) Ryxiall
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I would love to rp with you sometime! <3
DancingOrbi Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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I'm up for any time just shot me a note^_^
MonsterMadHatter Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015  Student Digital Artist
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as well as her personality. She seems like an awesome character!
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