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Oc | Nasha by DancingOrbi Oc | Nasha by DancingOrbi

:icondividerplz:Basic Information:icondivider2plz:

"I don't know Mashka, I think this could be a bad Idea"
Name: Nasha
Name Meaning: fragrance 
Nickname(s): Sugar Lump(mother)
Age: Early Teens (15 or 16 years old human year)
Gender: Mare
Height: 15.1 hh
 American Mustang
Coat: Chocolate Brown Grulla(silvering mane/tail)
Eye Color: Milk chocolate brown


Friendly | Cautions | Talkative | Playful | Passive | Clever

Nasha is friendly and simply loving for she is always open with others. Talking and chatting away much like her mother. Though Nasha is one who prefers to stay out of trouble does rather good at getting out of it she does have a problem telling her sister no. She will do nearly anything her sister asked of her. This often makes her very cautions and more so around strangers. Most of the time Nasha is a playful mare with a passive away of thinking and way of life. She has never truly been one to take sides though she will always side with her family for she is loyal to them. Spending most of her time with her twin sister Mashka and her mother.


Parents: Wesley Jessie
Sibling(s): Mashka (twin)

Mate: None
Love Interest: None
Offspring: Too Young


Mashka: "My best friend and only sister, Mashka is the best. We do nearly everything together though we tend to get into a little trouble most of the time."
Parents: "I love them dearly for they mean the world to me"

:icondividerplz:History & Notes:icondivider2plz:

-She loves making things with flowers and bring home gifts for her mother
-She is easily startled by loud noises and hates the dark
-She at times will wear flowers in her mane and tail.

Nasha was born during the first few months of winter. She came into the cold and gray world with her twin not far behind. Where most foal would have gotten sick and died, Nasha and Mashka's parent kept them warm with their love. When the cold of winter pasted and the warmth of spring came Nasha really began her exploring. With her sister right there with her she explored any places and even meeting lots of new faces scaring her parents more the once with her wondering off. While she started out being the rather reckless always bugging her sister to come play or to come making things with her. Their endless energy really kept their parents on their toes for they were always having to keep an eye out for them. But they enjoyed the liveliness of them. 

As the seasons passed by Nasha, she grew and matured into a lovely young mane. Sporting a lean built and legs that were strong, long and slim. While her unruly and ruffled hair became gentle waves of caramel. With her age she began to settle down and had become much more cautious of strangers. Though she shares her sister desire to wonder and see more of their world.

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